11th of April

Self Hosted Videos Full support for self hosted videos in a playlist

Introduced in WordPress 3.9 – self hosted video playlists are fully styled in this theme for you as per this example. This post also does not have a featured image set.

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17th of Februar

A photographers delight This is an example of a gallery format

Easily create this automatic slider gallery as the featured spot on your posts by creating a post, insert a regular gallery and choose the format of Gallery and the theme will pull your gallery out of the content automatically and place in the featured image area.

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16th of Februar

Split longform post with video embed Embed your media in WordPress and split your content in to pages

Easily embed your Youtube or Vimeo videos in your post just like this example. The more tag can be placed before or after whichever content you wish to display in your index page. This example also shows how you can split your posts in to pages using the default WordPress nextpage tag.

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